Healthy-ish Choc Peanut Crunch Bites

17 Sep 2017

I am a big fan of quick, easy recipes that are healthy or help me to make healthy choices. These bars are not super-duper healthy but are a good choice to help me from over indulging on a whole bowl of ice-cream. 

The plus side is that they take less than 5 minutes to make, are super yummy and are ready to eat in no time! Plus there is minimal washing up #winning

Cheesy Quotes I Actually Love to Live By

30 Aug 2017

You are either the type of person that loves motivation quotes, or the very mention of them makes your eyes roll. I am the type of person that LOVES them. 

I don't know exactly where my love of motivational quotes comes from but I think it has something to do with being an eternal optimist. I mostly use motivational quotes on my vision boards, but I love when someone else posts them and I just 'happen' upon them. 

The Year of 22 - Birthday Wishes

26 Aug 2017

Another year has rolled around and all of a sudden it is my birthday again, 22 this year.

For some reason 22 seems like the real adult age. 21 is still all about the parties and fun but by the time you get to 22 it seems like everything is about being an adult. 'Do I need shares? Should I be saving for a house? Can I actually afford that avo on toast?'.

9 Motivating People to follow on Instagram

With so many accounts taking up our social media space, our feeds can sometimes fill up with meaningless junk. I have done some serious searching and found 9 of the very best social media influencers, who always leave me feeling inspired, motivated and positive. 

These guys all have different messages and causes but the common factor between them all is that they focus on building a positive, healthy life. I love soaking up all the content from people like this and making sure my social media habits are having a positive influence. 

How to make a Vision Board that works

22 Aug 2017

Did you do a cheeky scoff under your breath when I said 'vision board'. They are a little bit cringy, I will admit it, but I am a firm believer in the pretty-looking motivators.

To me, vision boards are a collection of images that mean something to you and represent goals you want to achieve. I look at my vision board every single day to feel proud and inspired.

So how do you make a vision board that actually works?

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